Progress Update!

Well folks, here I am, patiently (ok not really, I am checking my dashboard every 15 mins) waiting, praying for acceptances to come out soon, and that one of them is for me. My phone interview was on Thursday morning, and I have no idea how to feel about it! Of course after the fact […]


Well,    After months of preparing, and the agony of rapid heart beat while taking the Web-Based Interview, I have passed it! I only need to do the phone interview, and pray that Disney sees that I am a great fit for them! I am so excited for all of the opportunity I am hoping […]

The Journey has Begun!

WOW I can’t even express the wave of excitement and many other emotions overcoming me. I have finally just applied, and I can say without a doubt, I have never wanted anything as much as I want this opportunity.    The journey actually begun long ago, when my love of Disney began, and I never […]

Just checking in!

Well about one week down, and way too many more left until I can apply! I was doing some reading about different people’s experiences in the college program, and stumbled upon this little gem: “The Top 20 People You’ll Meet in Your College Program” was a very comical little post, I must say I […]

Guess what today is!

Well, today is Thursday, Aug. 8. It’s really nothing special. But- it is the day before the D23 Expo! The Expo is taking place this year on Aug. 9-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to go, but I will be taking a close look at this blog: so I can […]