The Man who Started it All

On my journey to the college program, I am really interested in learning more about the company, and Mr. Walt Disney, the man who started it all. Today, I was talking with a friend about Walt, and I decided to write about him! Here are some fun-facts you may not know:

1) Walt Disney is 1 of just 800 famous faces to have been featured on a postage stamp.

2) Walt Disney did not graduate from high school, however, he has several honorary degrees from schools such as UCLA and Harvard.

3) Walt’s first academy award was for the beloved character, Mickey Mouse in 1932

4) Walt won 48 Academy Awards, 32 Oscars and 7 Emmys.

5) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Walt’s first successful character, but the rights were sold to Universal up until 2006.

6) The “Disney” signature we see today was actually a stylized version of his, with rumors stating he could not reproduce that same signature

7) When Disney received the Academy Award for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” he also received 7 miniature awards

8) Walt first displayed audio-animatronics at the World’s Fair in New York, 1964- This is where “It’s a Small World” was introduced

9) Walt had a small train track in his backyard, which can now be seen at the Main St. station in Disneyland, California.

10) Walt was the original voice of Mickey Mouse.



“Oh Boy!” (Mickey Mouse)


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