What now?!

I’ve got a countdown at the bottom of my page that let’s me know I still have five months left until I can apply! So what am I even doing writing a blog about my journey, when I am certainly not in the program yet, let alone have yet to apply! Well, that’s exactly why I am writing a blog, actually. I have five months until I can apply, and about a year until I get there. That’s a long time to be sitting here day-dreaming about it day-in and day-out. I thought that energy would be best put to use by writing about my dream, keeping track of how I am preparing myself for the process and making something I know I will look back at one day to enjoy, or laugh at, while getting to hopefully update on how the program is going if I get accepted. I am also hoping that sharing my passion will spark something in someone else! This is truly one of the first times I have taken a big dream and gone after it. At the very least, the end of this will bring happiness to myself knowing I went after my dream with everything I had in me! So, until I can apply, I will be posting about Disney, Disney, and more Disney! As if that even needed to be said. Right now I am in the research phase. This basically means that every time I get excited about the idea of moving to Florida for a few months to go explore Disney World, I end up watching YouTube videos and reading other articles/blogs about it.  It only gets me more excited, but it also prepares me because I have gained so much information, not only on what to expect once I am there, but I have also gained a lot of tips from those who have been there on the application process. I only hope that I can do the same for someone, someday, and will be able to use this blog to prepare someone else for their dream, too! Now, I have told a lot of people about my idea, but it’s time to make it a reality! This is the beginning. After all, “The way to get started is to quit talking, and begin doing” (Walt Disney).


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