What is the Disney College Program?

Ah, the Disney College Program.  The dream I have been talking about so much already! But what, exactly, is it? I won’t go into too much of a history, but it was a program started at Disney World in 1981. Today, the program takes place at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. It is basically an internship program in which you get to work at either resort, with the opportunity to take some business-related classes, possibly even for school credit at your university, and you also get to live with other participants in Disney sponsored housing! I basically relate it to freshman year of college, where I was excited to live in dorms, and excited for school! There was always so much going on, so many people to meet, and so much to learn. I imagine that this is how it would be. But, oh wait! I would get to go to the parks WHENEVER I WANT! So yes, the Disney College Program, is basically my dream come true- and I know that with a “little faith, trust, and pixie dust” my dream will become a reality (Peter Pan).




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